Akseli in Z-free at Zodiak 15.5. ja 16.5.

In May Akseli continues his exploration of economy and political themes in a short research residency at Zodiak in Helsinki, under the working title 'Ops & dominio — Leviatan Liquida'. The aim is to broaden the political perspectives of the work with economic concepts. During the period at Zodiak Akseli will specifically look into new ways of using physical performing work to approach artistically, on one hand, capitalist society, and on the other, resistance against the prevailing order.

Work-in-progress -presentation at Zodiak on Tue 15 May and Wed 16 May at 17.00.
Zodiak rehearsal room B2, Cable Factory, staircase B, second floor.
Free entry

114 markets and no event — premiere in Helsinki at Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse 26.1.

“Big banks, small banks, I like to make money.”

The collaboration between Cécile Bally and Akseli Aittomäki is a performance on economics: it explores finance, accounting and productivity. The artists research the logic of value production and profit in a neoliberal world – analytically and intuitively, from the view points of politics and poetics, in documentary and fictive work. More at the pages of Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse.

Concept, choreography and performance: Cécile Bally and Akseli Aittomäki
The project is supported by Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Performed on Fri 26 Jan at 7 pm, Sat 27 Jan at 7 pm, and Sun 28 Jan at 5 pm.
Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse, Korkeavuorenkatu 17, Helsinki
Tickets 22 Euros, reduced tickets 12 Euros. Reservations, hoyhentamo.fi/en/ticketreservation/
Performed in English.

'114 markets and no event' — work-in-progress -esitys Uferstudioilla Berliinissä

Akseli and Cécile Bally are working on a new collaboration, under the title '114 markets and no event'. The performance studies phenomena of the economy, particularly 'financialisation' and the normative power of accounting practices.

Cécile and Akseli have been in the studio for total of five weeks now, and at the end of next week, they will present to current outcomes of the process in a work-in-progress showing at Uferstudios. The showing is a part of the programm of Soda works -festival, celebrating ten years of SoDA M.A. programm with plenty of works from graduating students and alumni alike. The new performance from Akseli and Cécile will premiere in Helsinki, at Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse on 26 Jan 2018.

Showing 8 Dec at 19.00, Uferstudios, Studio 4. Badstrasse 41a, Berlin.
Tickets 4 Euros. (No reservations.)

Soda master works 2016 -publication is out

An introduction to the thesis works of Solo/ dance/ authorship master program is out and available as pdf. It is a compact presentation of the works and approaches of Akseli and five other artists that graduated from the program in March.

Read: Soda master works 2016

Adsorbsio — the last part of the Thousand intensities -series at Cable Factory

The Thousand intensities -series, that begunn in 2015, ends now in Adsorbsio — what these bodies are capable of. In this series produced by Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse in Helsinki, Akseli and his collaborators explored physicality of experience and how that builds into meaning, institutionalisation of meaning in training, use of the bodies' capabilities for production, and finally, its integration into economy and capitalist production of value.

Performances on Thu 12 Jan, Fri 13 Jan and Sat 14 January, at 19.00 at Cable Factory, Helsinki. Performed in Finnish. Tickets from Pluckhouse or through tiketti.fi.

Actors of production — final work for SoDA performed 7 and 8 December

Actors of production is Akseli's final performance for master course at HZT – Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. It also a result of over two years of artistic exploration and study. The work poses questions about the bodies capacities to produce experience, meaning and value, and its relation to the economy and capitalist money. Collaborators for this project include Cécile Bally, Maryanna Lachman, Stefan Röben and Surjan.

Performances on Wed 7 and Thu 8 December at 19.00, HZT, Uferstudios, Badstr. 41a, studio 14. (Doube-bill with Lulu Obermayer's Manon lescaut Manon lets go) Free entry, performance in English.

SoDA research presentations at Uferstudios

Within three days, six SoDA students will present performances based on their recent artistic research. Akseli's presentation, Production desired value added, studies, on one hand, the sensuous properties of meaning-making, and, on the other, the terms of economy and the concept of value.

Performance on Tuesday 5 July at 19.00, HZT, Uferstudios, studio 9. Free entry, performance in English.

The presenting SoDa students also compiled a publication on their artistic processes in postcard format. See the online edition: 301 online.

Potentia – the third part of Thousand intensities -series opens in early April

Thousand intensities -series continues with third part, Potentia – on the economy of appearing. Potentia is the possibility for something to appear, to emerge, the possibility for production. It is located in the circulation of working bodies, their technique, technology, information, images and affects.

At Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse on Fri 8 Apr and Sat 9 Apr at 19.00.
The makers are Akseli Aittomäki, Tanja Eloranta, Jaakko Nieminen, Marja Skaffari, Ainu Palmu ja Matti Strahlendorff.

Virta – Praxes itinérantes, IV part performed in early March

In the fourth part of Praxes itinérantes, a series based on artistic encounter and collaborative experimentation, Akseli is working with actor, singer and yoga teacher Marja Skaffari. In this part, the work starts from breathing, its physicality, rhythm, meditative aspects and expressive potential.

At Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse on Sat 5 Mar and Sun 6 Mar at 19.00.

Thousand intensities – parts 1 and 2 upcoming in September

Thousand intensities -series begins! The two pieces study sensation and training, and the social, political and aesthetic uses of training as a way to construct experience. Both parts will be presented at Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse in September. The series continues in 2016 with third and fourth parts.

Part 1: Aistiofysiikka, about desire to produce meaning from a physical encounter with the world. Artist Akseli Aittomäki, Kati Korosuo, Jukka Tarvainen, Paavo Malmberg, Ainu Palmu.
Höyhentämö, Tue 1.9. at 19 and Wed 2.9. at 19

Part 2: Territoriot. Practices and experiences are arranged and attached to social order, through which they gain meanings, but become also amenable to control and use of power. Artists Akseli Aittomäki, Kati Korosuo, Jukka Tarvainen, Tanja Eloranta, Jaakko Nieminen, Matti Strahlendorff, Ainu Palmu.
Höyhentämö, Sat 19.9. at 19 and Sun 20.9. at 17

Akseli begunn M.A. studies in Berlin

Since early April, Akseli is studying for two years at HZT - Inter-university Centre for Dance Berlin, in Master of Arts for Solo/ dance/ authorship. The program is based on the master students own artistic practices, and emphasises interrelations between artistic practice, discourse and documentation.

Artistic work for massescape -projects continues in Helsinki parallel to studies in Berlin. Upcoming next are the first and second part of Thousand intensities -series in September at Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse.

7½ intensities returns – performances in March in Höyhentämö and in Kuopio

"Aittomäki's philosophy seems to be firmly anchored in his body. Thinking becomes an experience." Marja Silde, Teatteri&Tanssi 4/2013 (The review in Finnish)

Akseli's solo piece from 2013, 7½ intensities, has a short re-run with two performances in Höyhentämö in Helsinki and a visit to Kuopio. The visit, produced by Eastern Finland regional dance centre, also includes a workshop lead by Akseli.

These are the last shows of 7½ intensities!
Performances (in Finnish) in Höyhentämö on Tue 17 Mar and Wed 18 Mar at 19:00, and in Kuopio in Sotku on Fri 27 Mar at 19:00.
Tickets to Höyhentämö from Tiketti.

Akseli's first short films on Vimeo

In the turn of September and October Akseli participated Con|verge-residency project in Germany, and a surprise outcome of the time at the residency in Stolzenhagen was three short films. The series includes two dance films in two minutes and the seven-minute film Bodies and weathers. All of these you can watch on the new Vimeo channel Tracing Vibrations.

Two more shows of Kasvokoje - Face device in October

"The mask does not hide the face. It is the face."
The third part in Praxes itinérantes -series, Kasvokoje, a collaboration between Akseli and Tanja Eloranta, will be presented on two additional nights.

Performances on 29 and 31 Oct at 19 in Höyhentämö.

Upcoming in early September: Kasvokoje (Face device)

Akseli is currently collaborating with Tanja Eloranta, and the upcoming piece is called Kasvokoje – Face device. This is the third part in Praxes itinérantes -series.

A week has now gone, and the project has reached its half-way point. For six days more, Akseli and Tanja will continue studying the power of face as the pole of interpretation and meaning, and the hospitality we are ready to grant to strangers and that which is strange.
Performed on 4 Sep and 5 Sep in Höyhentämö. (Performed in Finnish.)

Two additional shows of Rondo; Riikka interviewed for Skenet

Akseli and Riikka Theresa Innanen will perform their collaboration, Rondo, twice more, on 3 May at 19.00 and 4 May at 15.00 in the Pluckhouse.

Riikka was also interviewed about the piece (in Finnish) by Maria Säkö. "We are contemplating on what it means to be a human being." You are most welcome to come and contemplate with us!

New works upcoming in the Praxes itinérantes -series

Praxes itinérantes -series continues with new collaborations. In March, Akseli and Riikka Theresa Innanen are studying themes related to ritual-like repetitions. The work will be presented on Fri 21 March and Sat 22 March at Höyhentämö. Next up in the series is collaboration with Tanja Eloranta, to be presented in the turn of August and September.

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