Akseli Aittomäki is mostly a dance artist and an experimental theatre-maker, and to various degrees also a producer, researcher, bicycle messenger and an activist.

I started my artistic adventures as a performer in experimental theatre, and transitioned little by little into contemporary dance and philosophically motivated performing work. My own directing and choreographing approach was fairly contemplative from the beginning – even my first directing works were characterised 'essaystic' by critics. My new projects revolve around themes that are political in fairly straight-forward, and perhaps even concrete ways. I'm particularly interested in the economy and in political protest. Nevertheless, I still love to dance, and find myself occasionally performing improv dance.

Currently I am based in Berlin. Most of my artistic works I have done in Helsinki, Finland, where I was also born.

I used to be a part-time social epidemiologist. Currently I am not actively involved in scientific work. Data on my publications in economic conditions and health inequality can still be found in University of Helsinki database.

Email forename surname at massescape net