Hunter-gatherers in Helsinki from May to August

Hunter-gatherers is a social experiment and a utopian art project, in which the participants form a hunter-gatherer community living in an urban environment. Akseli is a member of the artistic development team in the project lead by Aarni Korpela.
Read more on Hunter-gatherer page.

Down to Earth -laboratory presents findings at Ufertudios, Berlin

Down to Earth is an experimental festival concept about sustainability, turned into laboratory because of the pandemic regulations. The participants will, nevertheless, present some findings mainly outdoors, on the yard of Uferstudios on 16.7. Akseli is working with Leicy Valenzuela of Pink Valley.
Down to Earth on Tanzfabrik Berlin's pages.

Liquid labour (case no. 1) at Uferstudios

"Life is a game, yes."

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Performances in Berlin on 22 Nov, 23 Nov and 24 Nov, all at 19.00, at Uferstudios, Studio 1.
More on Uferstudios page.
Reservations also at tickets@massescape.net

Liquid labour (case no. 1) premieres in November in Berlin

Liquid labour (case no. 1) is a stage performance about the gig economy and about working as a bike messenger, performed by three ex-Deliveroo-couriers. It explores the experience of providing the human labour in an economy where everything has to be as flexible and cost-efficient as possible. It witnesses the juxtapositioning of raw physical labour on the streets of the city, and the immaterial power flowing from control of data and information systems.

Liquid labour is based on Akseli's experiences from working as a bicycle courier for the take-away service Deliveroo in Berlin. Deliveroo is an internationally operating company that has collected over a billion Euros of so-called venture capital. In August 2019 the company abruptly withdraw from Germany. leaving over a thousand couriers unemployed on four day notice.

Performances in Berlin on 22 Nov, 23 Nov and 24 Nov, at Uferstudios, Studio 1.

Critics praise Nicht Hamburg

"Could one think of a more topical and political dance performance?"
"Desire to participate, to do at least something, and not to be a sleeping by-stander is crystallised in this piece."
Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat 13.4.2019

The entire review in Finnish.

"A trip with the movement of masses towards the unyielding row of riot police."
"Those in power, the police, and the people rising to rebellion are all part of the one and same biosphere."
Jarkko Kumpulainen 13.4.2019

The entire review in Finnish.

Nicht Hamburg opens at Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse

Nicht Hamburg premieres on Friday 12 Apr!

Höyhentämö, Korkeavuorenkatu 17, 00130 Helsinki
Fri 12.4., Sat 13.4., Tue 16.4., Wed 17.4. at 19.00 (in Finnish)
Sat 20.4. at 19.00 & Sun 21.4. at 17.00 (in English)
Ticket reservations through Höyhentämö webpage.

Nicht Hamburg is a performance about political protest. It is a personal account on the possibilities for, and the impossibility of political participation. It is a question about the sensibility and meaning of protest, resistance and action, and about the absurdity of inaction.

Directing, text, choreography, performing: Akseli Aittomäki
Sound design and musical composing: Carlo Philipp Thomsen
Light design: Ainu Palmu

Nicht Hamburg — upcoming in Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse in April

A new solo work from Akseli, Nicht Hamburg, premieres at Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse in Helsinki on 12.4.

The process started from a text written immediately after the protests against G20 Summit in Hamburg, and from sound recordings made during direct action against lignite mining by Ende Gelände network. The work is based on experience from participation in many different protests, and on contemplation on the possibilities for, and impossibility of political participation. These materials, and corporeal exploration of the experiences, are the elements for the constructing of the piece Nicht Hamburg.

For performing dates, see Pluckhouse web page.

Akseli in Z-free at Zodiak 15.5. ja 16.5.

In May Akseli continues his exploration of economy and political themes in a short research residency at Zodiak in Helsinki, under the working title 'Ops & dominio — Leviatan Liquida'. The aim is to broaden the political perspectives of the work with economic concepts. During the period at Zodiak Akseli will specifically look into new ways of using physical performing work to approach artistically, on one hand, capitalist society, and on the other, resistance against the prevailing order.

Work-in-progress -presentation at Zodiak on Tue 15 May and Wed 16 May at 17.00.
Zodiak rehearsal room B2, Cable Factory, staircase B, second floor.
Free entry

114 markets and no event — premiere in Helsinki at Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse 26.1.

“Big banks, small banks, I like to make money.”

The collaboration between Cécile Bally and Akseli Aittomäki is a performance on economics: it explores finance, accounting and productivity. The artists research the logic of value production and profit in a neoliberal world – analytically and intuitively, from the view points of politics and poetics, in documentary and fictive work. More at the pages of Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse.

Concept, choreography and performance: Cécile Bally and Akseli Aittomäki
The project is supported by Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Performed on Fri 26 Jan at 7 pm, Sat 27 Jan at 7 pm, and Sun 28 Jan at 5 pm.
Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse, Korkeavuorenkatu 17, Helsinki
Tickets 22 Euros, reduced tickets 12 Euros. Reservations, hoyhentamo.fi/en/ticketreservation/
Performed in English.

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