Most of the work I did as part of my master studies at Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin was closely related to the Thousand intensities -series that I was working on in Helsinki parallel to my studies in Berlin.

These works also assume the physicality of experience and construction of meaning through training as part of their philosophical ground, and yet the main focus of interest is on production, labour, value and economy. The trained body as locus of production, and value as part of systems of meanings are central notions explored.

Actors of production

Actors of production was a part of my master thesis at HZT - Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. It is also a product of, more or less, two years of artistic studies and explorations, both in Berlin and in Helsinki, into physicality, training, institutionalisation of meaning, economy and capitalist value production. A 'sister piece' to Actors of production, called Adsorbsio, was produced in January 2017 in Helsinki.

Premiered 7 December 2016 at Uferstudios in Berlin.

Directing Akseli Aittomäki; performing, choreography, texts Cécile Bally, Maryanna Lachman, Akseli Aittomäki; videos Stefan Röben (cinematography), Paavo Malmberg (sound design), Akseli Aittomäki (editing); live mixing Ville Aalto; set construction Surjan; lighting advisor Benjamin Schälike; mentors Sonja Augart, Constanze Schellow
Documentation: cinematography Stefan Röben and Ana Halina Ringleb; editing and sound Akseli Aittomäki

Produced by HZT - Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin in collaboration with Uferstudios

Production desired value added

Production desired value added is a performance that was also a research presentation reporting on my 'independent research' during third semester of my master studies. The subjects of study and experimentation are the capabilities of the body and the notion of value. Unlike my other works, this presentation also included a documentary film which explored the meanings people give to 'value' and 'labour' in a series interviews. It also reported on an actual financial experiment I made as part of research into capitalism.

Presented on 5th July 2016 at Uferstudios.

Concepts, choreography, dance, cinematography and editing by Akseli Aittomäki; projecting surface by Surjan Eben; interviewees in the film Anima Schmidt-Salue, Yogi Hale Hendlin, Catharina Jessen, Liad Hussein Kantorowicz.
Documentation: cameras Lisa Müller-Trede and Ana Halina Ringleb; editing Akseli Aittomäki.

Produced by HZT - Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin