Praxes itinérantes

Praxes itinérantes is a study and a series of performances based on artistic encounters. Each performance is a result of a two-week shared exploration between Akseli Aittomäki and a collaborating artist. The point of departure for the exploration is an exchange in which different working methods and approaches to thinking about artistic practice and its position in the world enter into a dialogue.

We believe that our ways of making art are connected with our humanity - so artistic practice is also a journey into humanity.

Kasvokoje (Face device)

Faces speak to us and become us. Familiar faces have their place in an understandable landscape. Strange faces present a question to us. "The mask does not hide the face, it is the face"

We worked with masks and with our own faces, with notions of the masks' movement and our own bodies' movements, and with the notions of familiarity and strangeness.

A collaboration between Akseli and choreographer, mask theater maker Tanja Eloranta. Kasvokoje was performed at Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse in September and October 2015.


We started from routine and ritual in our everyday life: we wanted to explore how repetition produces experience. Soon we found ourselves at the centre of the question of humanity: what is the material that we are made of? What are the varieties of consciousness? Where could we locate the border between human and non-human? Our praxis is a collage of movement (of our bodies) and reading aloud (from philosophy books), and of the traces that the movement and the reading leave in space.

A collaboration between Akseli and choreographer-dancer Riikka Theresa Innanen. Rondo was performed in Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse in March and in May 2014.

Mobile misclamer

For ten days, we reseached our common interests on sensation, movement and language: we worked with sensation-derived action, movement exploration, and with statements related to and about actions, movements and sensations. We found this exploration to involve the margins of discourse and interpretation: when does something stop being language-related? Or how does physical action give rise to words?

A collaboration between Akseli and California-based dancer and performance maker Miriam Wolodarski. Mobile misclamer was performed in Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse in August 2013.