Nicht Hamburg

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Photo Eeva Hannula & Ville Kumpulainen

Nicht Hamburg is a performance about political protest. It is a personal account on the possibilities for, and the impossibility of political participation. It is a question about the sensibility and meaning of protest, resistance and action, and about the absurdity of inaction. It is no pamflet nor manifesto, but an attempt at seeing and doing. It is desperation, hope, fury, and struggle against an unresponsive world.

Nicht Hamburg is a solo performance by Akseli Aittomäki. It is based on personal experiences from participation in political protest and direct action. The process started from a text written immediately after the protests against G20 Summit in Hamburg, and from sound recordings made during direct action against lignite mining by Ende Gelände network. The performance is a corporeal study on the experience of protesting.

Photo Eeva Hannula & Ville Kumpulainen

Choreography, text, performing Akseli Aittomäki, sound design and music Carlo Philipp Thomsen, Light design Ainu Palmu.

Premiered on 14.4.2019 at Höyhentämö-Pluckhouse in Helsinki.

Produced by massavuoto - massescape and Höyhentämö - Pluckhouse, funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.