Writings related to massescape projects

Notes from April to June 2020:
In the late spring 2020 I am doing some background work, supported by a grant from Kone Foundation. The aim is the develop perspectives into how to continue to make performing works with strong political dimension, with particular emphasis on climate change and the economy. The ongoing pandemic, however, became also a subject. A part of my notes from this time I will make visible on a page devoted to this:

Work notes

Thesis work for HZT – Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin:
This paper reflects my position on the methodology, aesthetics and perhaps also ethics of my artistic work. It mainly relates to the Thousand intensities -series in Helsinki and my work for the master program at HZT in Berlin. The performing works referenced range from 2015 to early 2017.

Part 1 – What this performing work is (25.1.2017)

Where massescape started:
I wrote these thoughts on what the title 'massescape' meant to me when I first started to work under this title in year 2012. Perhaps the main purpose was to articulate to myself what I wanted to do.

massescape initiative (29.6.2012)